Ilya Yashin

Co-Founder & CEO

The expert in the IT integration sphere, digital economy and a blockchain technologies. The co-founder of two actively developing Adrenta and Radius Wi-fi services. He participated in creation of the IT integrator in Moscow. Considers that a blockchain is the future of sharing-economy.

Mike Stuart

Vladislav Martynov


Co-founder of Yota Devices (developer of YotaPhone), – the largest online platform for teaching blockchain technology and the developer of sports analytics systems , and head of the Ethereum competence center.

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Yan Sepiashvili


Entrepreneur, PhD in Medicine, 
over 10 years in IT, advertising and real estate projects. Managing partner and co-founder of the Adrenta and Radius Wi-Fi services.

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Larry Cameron

Technical Information Security Officer

Chief Technology Officer with a proven track record in the information technology industry. Demonstrated skills in working with Data Centers, Systems Architecture, Management, Support and Cyber Security

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Dmitry Dain

Adviser, one of the first developers of 802.11 Wi-Fi Protocol

Adviser, one of the first developers of 802.11 Wi-Fi Protocol Member of the world’s cryptographers’ association. Founder of ‘Virgil Security’ (USA), a company specializing in cryptography and encryption.

Mike Stuart

Mike Stuart

Mike Stuart