Hospitals, gyms and dentists


Besides giving offline care, hospitals are nowadays developing online services. Free WiFi became the perfect communication tool among patients and caregivers. It makes perfect sense to be able to stream movies, follow classes and keep in touch with friends and family while you’re in a hospital bed. Now you can also consult your doctor 24/7 using your phone!

General practitioners, dentists and specialists

The waiting room of a medical practice is a place that can quickly turn in to a source of boredom. That’s why nowadays pretty much everyone is on their phone while waiting. A perfect opportunity to improve your off- and online services. Patients get free social WiFi whilst you can easily:

Gyms & wellness centers

It used to be an odd thing seeing sports fanatics on a treadmill while using a phone. Nowadays it’s a must, because when else are you going to share your #healthylifestyle on Instagram? What they also want is to stream music online while dead-lifting or stretching. Give your visitors free social WiFi, let them stream music while dead-lifting and enlarge your fan base in the mean time.