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Restaurants, bars, cafés and more

Restaurants, coffeeshops & cafés

Guests who use their laptops, post a smoothie on Instagram and Facetime with family at the other side of the world. Preferably through free WiFi without annoying passwords. You on the other hand, want to know who is in your restaurant, see your Facebook likes grow and find more positive reviews on Tripadvisor.

Fast food chains

No matter how fast your burgers are being served, it’s never faster than the free social WiFi you offer. With one simple click (or even without) you’ll know how long people have to queue up, where they’re from and how you can reach them with news and deals.

Clubs, pubs and bars

Eva is in the queue for the restroom whilst staring at her iPhone. In a pop-up ad, she sees the latest gin-tonics pass by. “Yum, I’m going to try one.” Three weeks later, she receives an e-mail with an invitation for the next big event. She calls four friends and arranges to go that same night. This is WiFi marketing.